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“Practices That Engage The Process” (The Soul Tells A Story)

Vinita Hampton Wright

Description: What it Means to Participate with the Mystery and the Muse. One challenge of creative work is learning how to master your craft while letting go of any ideas about controlling the process. We cannot control the creative process, only engage with it through practices that improve and develop the craft of our writing. This workshop explores some of those practices and opens a conversation about the mystery of the muse.


“Let The Story Do The Talking: Speak The Truth Slant”

 Ann Kroeker

Description: Stories make our writing memorable—at times, mesmerizing. Dip into personal experience to find possible narratives you can use in your long- and short-form projects. You will be challenged to trust the Lord to convey truth without spelling out every lesson learned or pointing out what should be obvious in a story told well. Session will cover fiction techniques you can use for nonfiction and emphasize, among other things, specificity and “film-ability.” 

Memoir: Crafting the Story of the Self for Others

 Christie Purifoy

 Description: In this workshop, we will explore the method and the meaning of a well-crafted memoir. While truth and honesty are essential to memoir, not only ethically but artistically, memoir writing is a creative exercise like fiction writing. The raw material of our story may be provided, but there is an art to choosing details, connecting details, and uncovering a narrative arc. Ultimately, the most effective memoir privileges the reader over the self.

“The Romance of Revision”

Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Description: How do you know when a piece isn’t working? How do you identify what parts aren’t working? And how do you fix it? In this workshop we’ll answer these questions. We’ll discuss ways to read your own work critically, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint exactly where it’s falling apart (or not quite holding together). We’ll also practice a handful of fun and helpful strategies for revising, so we can rescript our work with confidence…and delight! 

“The Story Within the Story ~ Speaking Truth Through Fiction”

Christin Ditchfield Lazo

Description: How can our passion for story be used to impart life-changing truth to our readers? What role does the message play -- and what form does it take -- in our novels and short stories? In this workshop, we'll look to great literature, past and present, to discover the power of fiction to point us to the gospel, and explore some of the many, many different ways it can be done!

“Demystifying Indie Publishing: Everything I know About Indie-Publishing I learned The Hard Way.”

 Kris Camealy  

 Description: The publishing industry is continually evolving. “Self-publishing,” (a.k.a., Indie- Publishing) is no longer limited to vanity press and is now more than ever, widely recognized as both a legitimate and profitable publishing option. Kris will share everything she knows about indie-publishing, including mistakes she’s made, what to watch out for, tools of the trade, how much it actually costs, how to know if Indie-pub is for you, and much more. If you’re even the tiniest bit curious, this session will give you the information you need to move forward with publishing your project. Bring all of your questions, concerns, skepticism and rumors with you to the workshop, we’ll tackle it all. 

“The Beauty And Danger Of The Creative Life” (The Soul Tells A Story)

 Vinita Hampton Wright

 Description: Creativity taps our deepest wisdom, desires, dreams, and gifts. This kind of work will naturally bring up all kinds of personal issues of the soul and can help us address them—if we are aware of what is happening and have some resources for the work.

“More Than Ornament: The Art & Power of Metaphor”

Christie Purifoy

 Description: Even for nonfiction writers, metaphor should be much more than a decorative flourish or an ornamental afterthought. Metaphor is a powerful tool not only for effective communication but for excavating and understanding the very truth we aim to communicate. Exploring examples from the metaphorically-charged language of poetry, we will gain a deeper understanding of metaphor and greater confidence to use it in our writing. Perhaps best of all, we will recall the joy and playfulness metaphor can bring to even the most serious writing.


 Additional Events

 Memoir Panel: Vinita, Christie, Ann & Kimberlee

Join our guest workshop hosts for a conversation about writing memoir, including Q& A.

 Poetry Circle with Christa Wells

Calling all poetry lovers! Come gather with others who are interested in poetry writing for some fun word play and instruction, coupled with inspiration.

 All About Publishing Q& A Panel: Vinita, Christie, Christin, Kimberlee, Ann & Kris

Join our guest hosts for a conversation about their own publishing experiences and ask your publishing questions.

Coffee with Christin

With over 80 books under her belt, in a variety of genres and divisions, Christin is a treasure trove of wisdom and insight into both writing as a practice and working in the publishing industry. Christin will share about her writing & publishing journey and answer some of your questions.

 Ann Kroeker, Do I Need A Writing Coach?

If you’ve wondered what a writing coach is, or if you need one, this informal session is for you. Join Ann to hear more about her work and learn more about when and why it might be time to bring someone else in to help you accomplish your publishing goals. 





The Beauty And Danger Of The Creative Life


Coffee With Christin

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memoir panel


Practices that engage the process


More than Ornament: The Art & Power of Metaphor