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Next retreat: March 19-22, 2020 Fremont, OH


Our Vision



Refine {the retreat} began in 2014 when 24 women said "yes" to an invitation to experience more of God. Since then, Refine has sold out every year, as more and more women say "yes" to retreat, and are changed by their own experience at Refine.

At Refine {the retreat} we are making space to meet with God, to deliberately invite Him to work in our hearts--to refine us, as a group and as individuals. Four years after its inception, Refine continues to evolve, undergoing its own refining, as we continue to listen for God's direction for the weekend.

Every Refine has been different. This special weekend is an active and evolving experience. Every year the theme and offerings are a little different. God always surprises us with the ways He is present with us in the midst of the weekend.

Refine sets a table for creative women. Many of our attendees are artists in their own right, who work in a variety of mediums. Refine is a generous space for those of us who think in metaphors, color, images, and song. Refine is a place where those of us who live straddling the story-world of our imaginations and the concrete world beneath our actual feet, find community among like-minded makers. 

The women who find their way to Refine come hungry for rest and to be filled, and this is where our vision and the world's needs meet.

Refine is a space for rest and growth. Refine {the retreat} balances plenty of reflective, contemplative rest time, with rich workshops designed to both instruct and inspire. 

Refine {the retreat} is so much more than a weekend away.  is a place for worship, rest and reflection, as well as a place for healing, spiritual direction and renewal. It is a place for creative exercises, inspiration, and instruction. 

Refine is an open-door invitation to discover the abundance of God. 

Refine {the Retreat} is an event that truly lives up to its name and its billing. Intimate, exquisitely thought-through, gracious and sheltering. We are refined in our spirits and in our purpose through what transpires here. Refine gives space for both solitude and real fellowship - the twin needs of every soul. Teaching, worship, food, quiet, wonder, laughter, prayer, rest, and Holy presence - these are all on the menu here. It is unique among gatherings and it is worth every effort to be part of it. Join us. —Lancia E Smith, Refine attendee, 2017



Refine The Retreat


A true retreat

Refine is distinctly not a conference. Intentionally tucked away from the noise of the everyday world, attendees find the peace and stillness they long for.

Art As A Spiritual Practice

God is an artist. We believe that as image bearers of our Creative, Creator God, we are invited to engage in artistic reflective practices, as a means of prayer and worship.

Our statement of faith

Refine is a denominationally diverse Christian women’s retreat that seeks to encourage and equip women in their spiritual growth and in their personal gifting.

{Refine} was the best investment of time and money I’ve ever made for my creative-self.
— Tresta Payne, attendee 2019

Private Rooms

Every room at Refine is single occupancy, sufficiently equipped with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Distraction Free. Private. quiet. Cozy.


Find Your Community

Refine is more than a weekend retreat. It is a growing community of women with a heart for Jesus and a passion for living fully into their unique vocation, in light of the gospel.


Room To Reflect

Every aspect of Refine is designed with you in mind. Special care is taken both in the physical space where we host the retreat, as well as the schedule, to allow you plenty of room to pray and reflect.


Workshops designed (specifically) for you.

Every year, the scheduled workshops at Refine are specifically tailored to you. We take special care as we prayerfully design the program, to serve you in the ways you need it most. Each of Our workshop hosts are prayerfully invited with you in mind. We love this about refine, and we think you do too.



(This is a general overview of the typical schedule at Refine, and not necessarily reflective of your specific weekend. The exact schedule is given to attendees upon arrival at the retreat.)


  • 2pm- Doors open

  • 4pm- Opening session

  • 5pm- Dinner

  • 6-10pm Evening activities/worship


  • 7am- Morning prayer

  • 8am- Breakfast

  • 9am-12pm- Workshops/free time

  • 12pm- Lunch

  • 1-4pm- Workshops/free time

  • 5pm- Dinner

  • 6-10pm- Evening activities

Friday Sunday

  • 7am- Morning prayer 7am- Morning prayer

  • 8am- Breakfast 8am- Breakfast

  • 9am-12pm- Workshops/free time 9am- Closing session

  • 12pm- Lunch 10am- Worship/benediction

  • 1-4pm- Workshops/free time 11am- Send-off

  • 5pm- Dinner 12pm- Airport shuttle departs

  • 6-10pm- Evening activities/worship


Features: Single occupancy room without attached bath. Numerous, private (unattached) bathrooms are located throughout the hall. (Though there are 2 beds in this photo, this is a single occupancy room.)

(See ticketing page for prices/availability)

Features: Single occupancy room with attached bath. There are a limited number of these rooms available.

Getting to Refine

Travel options to Refine {the retreat} are entirely up to attendees. We do provide an airport shuttle from the Columbus, Ohio (CMH) airport to the retreat facility. This is the only airport we service. These reservations are made with our attendees once registration is complete. If you intend to use the shuttle, you must be in Columbus by 11AM on Thursday, and your departing flight must be after 5PM Eastern on Sunday.



Refine {the retreat} is an all-inclusive weekend. All meals (8), room costs, workshops and special appointments, and a copy of the current issue of the Refine Journal, are included in your registration. We also include a few thoughtfully curated surprises during your stay.

Travel costs are not covered.

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


Refine {the retreat} registration is non-refundable, regardless of circumstances. Registration may be transferred.


Reserve your spot

Refine has sold out every year that it has been offered. Reserve your room today. We can’t wait to meet you at The Pines.