Privacy Policy

(Why we process personal data)

 Refine {the retreat} processes personal, relevant data from visitors, subscribers and attendees. This data is collected for the purpose of providing services and/or content, as well as to compliment the experience of those visiting Refine {the retreat}.  

If at any time you non longer wish to receive email from us, you can simply unsubscribe, This link is found in the bottom of our emails. 

Refine {the retreat} stores both sensitive  and non-sensitive data.

  • Sensitive data includes: home address, telephone number, and credit card numbers
  • Non-Sensitive data includes: first and last name, and email address

Sensitive data is only collected from those who complete registration for Refine {the retreat} for the sole purpose of processing and completing registration. This data is maintained for record keeping purposes only, and is never shared or exchanged with anyone outside of the administration of Refine {the retreat}.

Non-sensitive data is collected from registered attendees, subscribers and/or website visitors.

Other ways data may be collected and stored include: 

  • Analytics & traffic logs
  • User registration