Refine {the retreat}

November 9, 2019


The word, myriad, means countless, innumerable, infinite and unlimited—all words we often use to describe God. Refine {the retreat} is continually a space where we experience a myriad of ways that God loves us, shapes us, and draws us ever closer to Himself.

“Myriad” is the first ever, one-day, Refine {the retreat} gathering taking place on November 9, 2019. Myriad, by Refine {the retreat}, is a full day of inspiration, art, worship, prayer, food and fellowship for women, ages 18-100 (wink). Attendees can think of Myriad as a “taste of Refine”— a shorter program than our annual 4-day retreats, equally as impactful and inspirational.

To read a little more about the art component of Myriad, please click here.