Refine is truly a retreat rich in camaraderie and encouragement...focused on community with God and one another.
— Kimberlee Conway Ireton, Speaker, 2018

One of the great joys and often surprising pieces of the Refine experience is the Artistic Reflection. 

Art Journal

What is Artistic Reflection?

In His book, Scribbling In The Sand, artist and songwriter Michael Card wrote that, "True worship is a response...Creativity is a response...Because it is a response, it does not originate with me. He speaks. He moves. He is Beautiful. We respond. We create. We worship."

And this is how we approach the Artistic Reflection at Refine {the retreat}. These creative sessions are an invitation to prayer, to practice presence, and to engage with the Holy Spirit, using a number of our senses.     



Gently Guided 

The Artistic Reflection sessions at Refine are included with all ticket purchases. We gladly and generously supply a wide variety of materials, tools, supplies and mediums for you to explore and play with as you work. Our Artist Guest Host gently guides attendees into a time of prayer and reflection, as well as offering loose instruction and assistance with materials. These sessions are always optional, and for anyone, regardless of artistic experience. 


Allow Yourself To Be Surprised

The first time we offered the Artistic Reflection session, at the first Refine {the retreat} in 2014, a number of women expressed hesitancy to participate, out of concern about their own perceived "lack of creativity", or "artistic ability".

Six hours later, nearly all of the women had joined in, and had chosen to spend their entire day creating as a way to reflect what the Lord was speaking to their hearts. After they had rested from their work, the women had the opportunity to share about what they had created and as they did, their work ministered to the entire group. God wastes nothing. Allow yourself to be surprised at the ways God shows up to meet you at this (art) table.